Hilarious Video Of Parents Decking Their Kids At Youth Football Practice Is Pure America

Screenshot/Public/TikTok/ESPN via GaryEnriquez22

Seth Roy Contributor
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A video posted to TikTok on Sunday shows a father lighting up his son during a football drill.

This clip is a prime example of how the lower man always wins.

@espn Parents vs. kids 😳😅 (via @GaryEnriquez22) #dad #son #parents #football #tackle #professional ♬ beat it – *:・゚✧*:・゚

What an elite-form tackle by the father. He looked like Ray Lewis in his prime, the way he dropped his son like that. The dad was simply asserting his dominance and letting his son know who’s head of the table at home. I mean, talk about laying the BOOM on somebody.

To me, it was hilarious how the father wiped his foot off in the turf afterwards in celebration. The fact that this clip is going viral online with nearly one million likes attached to it just makes all of it hundreds of times funnier. (RELATED: NFL Star Sets All-Time Record For Kick Return TD’s. Should He Be Inducted Into The Hall Of Fame One Day?)

Although the father lit his son up like a Christmas tree, you can clearly see he held back on the way to the ground to protect his boy. The hit was a textbook example of how to tackle somebody properly. Something tells me he played back in the day.

With that said, if the little boy’s mom sees this video during her daily TikTok scroll, she just might put daddy in the doghouse for a few days.