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Editor Daily Rundown: Biden Mulls 2024 Run During Nantucket Vacation

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Vince Coglianese Editorial Director
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BIDEN MULLS 2024 RUN DURING NANTUCKET VACATION… POLITICO: Biden’s generation is ceding the stage as he plots his next act

Days after his 80th birthday, President Joe Biden gathered loved ones on Nantucket to earnestly begin family discussions about his 2024 plans.

The talks come a week after the 82-year-old House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that she would be handing over her leadership role, declaring: “The hour has come for a new generation to lead.” Those words echoed Biden’s own from the presidential campaign trail where he once declared himself a “transition candidate” who would restore stability to the White House before passing the torch to younger leaders. […]

If Biden opted against a run, few in Washington believe the field would clear for Vice President Kamala Harris, and that could create a bruising primary battle. But some Democrats welcome a change, even if messy.


WHITE HOUSE PLANS TO STONEWALL BIDEN FAMILY CORRUPTION PROBES… WAPO: White House likely to honor some GOP probes but not those on Hunter

As House Republicans prepare to launch an onslaught of oversight investigations next year, the White House is planning to distinguish between inquiries they deem legitimate and others they view as politically, not legislatively, motivated — with an eye toward minimizing their cooperation with probes they consider improper, according to two people familiar with the plans.

White House officials caution that their decisions about cooperation will ultimately hinge on the nature of the investigations, but their preparations, which have been underway for months, hinge on such a split strategy. The White House is likely to respond to requests for documents and testimony relating to the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, for example, but far less likely to engage with Republicans’ investigations into Hunter Biden, the president’s son, the people said, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss private deliberations.


HEAD SPIN: LIZ CHENEY MAY NOW BE *TOO* ANTI-TRUMP FOR DEMS’ J6 COMMITTEE… WAPO: Jan. 6 panel staffers angry at Cheney for focusing so much of report on Trump

Now, less than six weeks before the conclusion of the committee’s work, Cheney’s influence over the committee’s final report has rankled many current and former committee staff. They are angered and disillusioned by Cheney’s push to focus the report primarily on former president Donald Trump, and have bristled at the committee morphing into what they have come to view as the vehicle for the outgoing Wyoming lawmaker’s political future.

Fifteen former and current staffers, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations, expressed concerns that important findings unrelated to Trump will not become available to the American public.

The feuding brings to the fore a level of public acrimony within the Jan. 6 committee that previously had largely played out behind the scenes, as public attention was focused on a series of blockbuster public hearings focused on Trump’s role fomenting the attack.


COULD A TERROR DESIGNATION FOR THE CARTELS BACKFIRE? … Designating The Cartels As Terrorists Could Worsen Illegal Immigration, Experts Say

Designating the drug cartels as foreign terrorists would likely complicate the illegal immigration crisis, several experts told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

More migrants would attempt to use threats from the cartels as their ticket into the country, former Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Special Agent in Charge for El Paso Kyle Williamson and former Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott told the DCNF. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) encountered a record of over 2.3 million migrants at the southern border in fiscal year 2022 and a surge of over 230,000 in the start of fiscal year 2023.

Scott and Williamson both believe that the designation is still needed due to the cartels’ threats on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border. Over 100,000 people died in the U.S. in 2021 largely due to fentanyl, which comes from cartels in Mexico, according to the DEA.

“The immigration crisis could be exacerbated with asylum claims for fleeing violence from terrorist organizations,” Williamson told the DCNF.

“There are implications to designating drug cartels as terrorist organizations that could be negative. … It’s not that people would flee more, it’s that they would have a better argument in asylum hearings,” Scott told the DCNF, adding, “We have over 200,000 a month right now. The Border Patrol is completely overwhelmed. This administration has ignored all that anyway, so I don’t really see that per se as a threat.”


ANOTHER DEM SPEAKS OUT… ‘We Are Doing It Wrong’: Democratic State Rep Calls For Trump-Era Border Policy To Continue (VIDEO)

A Democratic state representative from Texas told an MSNBC host Wednesday that Title 42, a Trump administration border-enforcement policy that expelled migrants during the COVID-19 pandemic, should continue.

“It should not be lifted. We have an ongoing issue. And I agree with Mayorkas and their team and their announcement. We need to stop blaming the Republicans or Democrats. This is an issue that both of parties need to come together,” Eddie Morales, who represents a border district in the Texas House of Representatives, told host Jose Diaz-Balart about Title 42. “And Congress has really failed in the last 40 years in addressing effective immigration reform policies. And we addressed that back in May, and they still haven’t done anything. We need to hold Congress accountable, and that was my voice back in May, and it continues to be the voice. Can we do more? The White House can do more, and Texas can lead on this issue.”


ALASKA’S RANKED CHOICE VOTING SYSTEM SPITS OUT A WINNER… NYT: Lisa Murkowski Wins Re-election in Alaska, Beating a Trump-Backed Rival

Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, a centrist Republican, won a fourth full term on Wednesday, according to The Associated Press, overcoming a conservative backlash against her independent streak and her vote to convict former President Donald J. Trump for incitement of insurrection after the Capitol riot on Jan. 6, 2021.

Ms. Murkowski was declared the winner after securing more than 50 percent of the vote, a mandated threshold under the state’s new ranked-choice system. She defeated Kelly Tshibaka, a conservative rival backed by Mr. Trump and the state Republican Party, and Pat Chesbro, a Democrat.


ARIZONA ELECTION FIASCO CONTINUES… RNC, Republican AG Candidate Sue Arizona Officials Over Alleged ‘Errors And Inaccuracies’ In Election Process

Republican Arizona attorney general candidate Abe Hamadeh and the Republican National Committee (RNC) sued his Democratic opponent Kris Mayes, Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs in her official capacity and county authorities Tuesday, alleging problems at some voting centers affected the outcome of the race.

Some election personnel allegedly handled problems related to ballot tabulation at voting centers improperly, while some early ballots were counted despite lacking a correct signature on their envelopes, according to the lawsuit filed in the Arizona Superior Court in Maricopa County. It claims the election was “afflicted with certain errors and inaccuracies in the management of some polling place operations, and in the processing and tabulation of some ballots.”

“The cumulative effect of these mistakes is material to the race for Arizona Attorney General, where the candidates are separated by just 510 votes out of more than 2.5 million ballots cast-a margin of two one-hundredths of one percent (0.02%),” the lawsuit reads.

Mayes’ less than 0.5% lead over Hamadeh means the race will be subject to an automatic recount after the Dec. 5 election certification, KOLD reported.



After GOP candidates won in districts where they competed with Democrats’ ballot-harvesting operations in the midterms, Republicans are increasingly willing to embrace the strategy long shunned by their party, the Washington Times reported on Wednesday.

Republicans have long claimed that ballot harvesting — when a third party collects completed ballots from voters and then delivers them in bulk to election officials — is ripe for fraud and have rejected it.

But California Republican Reps. Mike Garcia and Michelle Steele won earlier this month with the aid of successful ballot harvesting strategies used by their campaigns, arguing that it made no sense to reject the practice while allowing Democrats to take advantage of it.


BATTLE FOR THE FUTURE OF THE GOP… Conservatives Divided On GOP’s Policy Goals

Conservative leaders are divided over the next steps Republicans should take following the midterm elections, where the party’s performance was below expectations.

Republican Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri tweeted “the old party is dead,” and blamed the “Washington establishment” for the GOP’s midterm results in an interview with RealClearPolitics. In a Nov. 18 op-ed for the Washington Post, Sen. Hawley made the case for why the GOP “must listen to working people” to rebuild itself.

He slammed the “Republican establishment in Washington” who “capitulated on issue after issue” and “sided with Big Pharma on insulin and advocated lowering tariffs on our competitors overseas” over the past two years. In particular, Sen. Hawley emphasized how for decades the party “cut taxes on the big corporations and talked about changing Social Security and Medicare” and “supported ruinous trade policies” with China. […]

Likewise, Oren Cass Executive Director of American Compass, a conservative think tank, believes Republicans “need to provide a positive vision for reshoring manufacturing, building non-college pathways to good jobs, ensuring that workers have power in the labor market, and helping their families make ends meet,” he told the Daily Caller. […]

Other conservatives, such as Samuel Gregg, a Senior Research Faculty at free market think tank American Institute For Economic Research, think differently. In a statement to the Daily Caller, he urged conservatives to “resist and reverse the corrosion of entrepreneurship and competition that is pervasive throughout the United States today. Otherwise their economic policies will end up being a pale version of the American left’s economic agenda, which will be of no service to the country whatsoever.”

Mark Calabria, a Senior Fellow at libertarian think tank Cato Institute, has a similar message for Republicans, reminding them that “past policy successes required years of work. Tax reform, for instance, would not have happened in 2017, without the efforts of Representatives Brady and Camp, among others, in the years leading up to eventual passage. The seeds for future pro-growth economic reforms must [be] planted today, if we have any hope of a future harvest.”



PORTLAND, Ore. — For someone who wants his own species to go extinct, Les Knight is a remarkably happy-go-lucky human.

He has regularly hosted meteor shower parties with rooftop fireworks. He organized a long-running game of nude croquet in his backyard, which, it should be mentioned, is ringed by 20-foot-tall laurel hedges. Even Tucker Carlson proved no match for Mr. Knight’s ebullience. During a 2005 interview with Mr. Knight on MSNBC, Mr. Carlson criticized him for espousing “the sickest” of beliefs but then added, “You are one of the cheeriest guests we’ve ever had.”

Mr. Knight, 75, is the founder of the Voluntary Human Extinction movement, which is less a movement than a loose consortium of people who believe that the best thing humans can do to help the Earth is to stop having children.


FEEL-GOOD STORY OF THE DAY… BLAZE: Woman carrying concealed shoots gunman in head after he tries to get into her vehicle on south side of Chicago