Elon Musk Explains Why Alex Jones Will Never Be Allowed Back On Twitter

(Photo by Joe Buglewicz/Getty Images)

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Twitter CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter on Sunday night to explain why InfoWars host Alex Jones would never be back on the platform just days after Musk reinstated former President Donald Trump.

Jones was banned from Twitter in 2018, having insisted that Sandy Hook, which claimed 26 lives, was a conspiracy theory involving the use of forced actors. Jones was recently ordered to pay $960 million to the victims’ families for lying about the tragedy and spreading those lies.

Author and podcaster Sam Harris questioned whether it was time to let Jones back on Twitter, and asked Musk to explain the decision.

“Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven,” Musk tweeted in response. (RELATED: Sandy Hook Families Seek Punitive Damages From Alex Jones)

Entrepreneur Kim Dotcom responded that Jones “fucked up with Sandy Hook.”

“He admitted that and apologized,” Kim Dotcom wrote. “He also got a lot of ‘conspiracy theories’ right. If serial liars like Biden and Trump are allowed on Twitter then Alex Jones should be allowed too. Please reconsider in the interest of real free speech.”

Musk doubled down on his decision not to reinstate Jones’ account.

“My firstborn child died in my arms. I felt his last heartbeat,” Musk tweeted. “I have no mercy for anyone who would use the deaths of children for gain, politics or fame.”

The billionaire reinstated Trump’s account Sunday. Musk polled users about the decision, with more than half of the 15 million voters saying “yes” for Trump’s return. Trump said he does not see “any reason” to return to the platform.