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How Newsom Abandoned Rural Californians After His Marijuana Policy Destroyed Republican Counties

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Nicholas Pope Contributor
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The Daily Caller has released a new documentary detailing the struggle of northern Californians combatting large, local illegal marijuana harvesting operations run by drug cartels.

Narcofornia examines two counties fighting their battles against drug cartels taking over their community. In Siskiyou County, the fight has pitted Californians against Asian refugees. In Lassen County, residents scuffle with each other on whether they should embrace legal marijuana to weed out the illegal growers. Both counties’ conflicts highlight California’s legislative and legal failures and their abandonment of rural America. Click here to watch the trailer for Narcofornia.
“You have a screwed up illegal grow situation, and you have a screwed up commercial grow cannabis operation. And all blame leads to Sacramento,” one local political consultant told the Daily Caller in Narcofornia. “We’re red, rural, and we get no love whatsoever. We do not have a friend in Sacramento, whatsoever,” the consultant continued.
“This was [Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom’s] baby. He thought it was going to bring in millions of dollars. The only thing it’s done is cause nothing but problems. I don’t know why he hasn’t done anything to stop any of this,” candidate for Lassen County District 5 supervisor Jason Ingram told the Daily Caller in the documentary.

California voted to legalize recreational marijuana in 2016. Newsom and his liberal political allies held that the state could generate millions in tax revenues while regulating a previously underground market. Six years later, the residents of Northern California have found out that Proposition 64 has created a new dynamic that incentivizes the cartels to establish illegal growing operations in their backyards. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Inside A Cartel Illegal Marijuana Operation Worker Camp)

The quaint agricultural region now faces violence, an economic burden and ecological damage sparked by the cartels’ operations. Meanwhile, the politicians who fueled the nightmare for their constituents show no signs of addressing the many problems at hand.