Rapper Ice Cube Says $9 Million Movie Deal Was Canceled Because He Refused COVID Shot

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Rapper Ice Cube said in a recent podcast that he lost a $9 million movie deal after he refused to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Reports originally began circulating that Ice Cube had lost out on the multi-million dollar deal in 2021, with the rapper saying in a Nov. 20 episode of “Million Dollaz Worth of Game” that he lost his role as a co-star in the upcoming movie “Oh Hell No.”

“I turned down a movie because I didn’t wanna get the motherf*****g jab,” Ice Cube said during the podcast. “I turned down $9 million, because I didn’t want to get the jab. F**k that jab and f**k y’all for trying to make me get it.”

Ice Cube insisted he did not turn down the movie but rather, the deal was pulled. (RELATED: Fauci Claims Unvaccinated Americans Are The ‘Real Danger’ In Final Briefing)

“Them motherf*****s didn’t give it to me because I wouldn’t get the shot. I didn’t turn it down, they just didn’t give it to me,” he continued.

Ice Cube said he was unsure “how Hollywood feels about me right now.” One of the podcast hosts suggested the rapper ditch Hollywood for streaming.

“That’s Hollywood though,” he said. “They’re on some shit. But me too, I’m on some shit too.”

Ice Cube added that he never caught COVID-19 and said he “didn’t need that shit.”