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The past couple of years, The Garden Guy has fallen head over heels for a plant called Jamesbrittenia.

This beautiful Queen bee is Chi, she loves her people but prefers to be the only furry queen in the... View on PetFinder

Officials with the Three Rivers Public Health Department are warning the public to take extra vigorous precautions to prevent mosquito bites after state officials announced the number of positive tests for West Nile Virus has increased exponentially compared to 2022 statistics.

There's nothing quite like Pink Cashmere to put the happy face on a summer that has turned oppressive from heat and humidity.

An American metropolis known for freeways and traffic has a newly discovered species named in its honor: The Los Angeles Thread Millipede. The tiny arthropod with 486 legs and helmetlike head, sinuous like a jellyfish tentacle, was found just beneath the surface by naturalists at a Southern California hiking area. 

As if 2023 hasn't thrown gardeners enough curves already — like drought damage in lawns, shrubs, trees, and ornamentals – soon it will be Japa…

Summer brings beautiful sunny weather and long days, but it also comes with fruit flies. The tiny pests can infiltrate your home during any season, but they peak in warmer weather. If you’re losing the fruit fly eviction battle in your kitchen, these tips will help you reclaim your house.

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